Get the Most From Your Regular VA Doctor's Visit

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This is important whether you use VA healthcare or OHI (Other Health Insurance)

Have you ever forgotten to mention a symptom or ask your doctor a question? Come prepared and make the most out of your next appointment.
Why is this important? Claims reviews use current medical records.
To show continuity of care you need everything updated each visit.
Read the link and follow these simple steps.
Come prepared
My HealtheVet makes it easier than ever to come prepared for your health care appointments. Before your visit, sign in and check your prescription records online.
Speak up
During your visit, be sure to speak up and talk with your health care team as your partners. They are here to help you with your health and care. Do not be embarrassed about anything! You were int he military. You are beyond all that.
What to bring
Bring all the medications you are taking
Bring a written list of any changes you have noticed in your health.
Get involved
Speak up! Don't be afraid to ask questions of your provider or others on your health care team; they are there to help you, and they appreciate you being involved in your care.
If you have any follow-up questions or concerns, you can easily send a Secure Message via MyHealtheVet to ensure it is in writing and in your records!