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  • Reply to: FDC - Fully Developed Claim   1 month 2 weeks ago

    A VA Accredited Agent may also charge up to 20% of back pay. 

    This is paid directly to the Agent or Attorney from VA.  You may also incur additional fees that you must pay. 

    Be sure to read the contract well and know what they might charge you for upon completion of your appeal.

    Discussion about other companies or individuals out there who claim they can increase your rating but are not accredited by VA are predatory companies and often charge you more than an Agent or Attorney would and ive seen up to 6 times the monthly award on increase.  As a veteran, or anyone for that matter, can do this with help from an Accredited Service Organization, Claims Agent or Attorney for less without having to pay these folks monthly after the claim has been adjudicated.  They also do NOT have access to the VA System or your file and require you to give them access to your ebinifits account at VA.  Be very leery of giving any personal information or access to accounts!  These folks do not go through the vigorous VA/FBI background investigation nor have they taken the exam and continued education required by VA to represent your and compile your claim no matter what they say!  The are working the system on your personal information and either unwillingness or simply can not pass the exam or background to become Accredited.