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This worksheet will help you estimate the savings you could realize by dropping your Medigap or OHI (Other Health Insurance) policy.

This worksheet applies to individuals who have coverage by Medicare Parts A and B, CHAMPVA and also have a Medigap policy or other major medical insurance.


Let’s start with your annual premiums and compare that total to the most you would spend under CHAMPVA (called the catastrophic cap).

Result Number 1:

Many Veterans who were on jump status avoided going to sick call while on active duty so as not to be taken off of jump status, or because it was frowned upon by their command.

After leaving active duty, sometimes several years after, they attempted to file a claim with the VA for service-connected disabilities such as

Caluza Triangle


Before you file a claim or continue with your appeal, please understand what the VA needs to approve any claim.

Any condition claimed has to be MEDICALLY documented in your records: